here's the thing: i think i'm falling in love with a guy my friend likes... and i'm trying so bad to forget him but i cant... he keeps making eye contact with me in the halls at school and he likes my pictures on facebook and it makes me sad because probably i'll just lie in bed and die of love; also he's so handsome and intelligent... he's absolutely a dream (u can already tell he's trouble right?) asked by Anonymous

aw fuck i know that i should go all leslie knope on you like “uteruses before duderuses” but you’re telling me about this handsome, intelligent guy who seems to be into you and i really wanna tell you to go for it. maybe talk to your friend and explain the situation? it’s her right to be pissed at first, but if she’s really your friend, i think she should understand. and it’s your right to fall in love with him, too. i hope this isn’t terrible advice but i’m secretly a sucker for love. shhh.

i’m gonna watch breakfast at tiffany’s for the first time since i read it and i’m nervous wish me luck


okay so lets kinda have a sleepover saturday but on a tuesday afternoon 

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Smooth Criminal - Michael Jackson

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Ignition (Remix) - R. Kelly